Article submission guidelines

1. The article should be accompanied by an external review (download form review) highly qualified specialists, having a scientific degree of candidate or doctor of Sciences.

2. The article should be accompanied by the consent of the authors posting articles on the Internet site of the journal and transfer them to the Scientific Electronic Library (NEB) to be included into Russian Science Citation Index (download the consent form).

3. The title of the article, authors, abstract, keywords in Russian and English languages.

4. The article must contain UDC, conclusion(s) and list of used literature.

5. Signatures of all authors, numbered in order, starting with the first page, including references.

6. The article is accompanied by the author’s card (download the form of the author card):

  • authors name (full), academic degree, academic title, position;
  • the place of work (full name) with zip code and mailing address, work phone number and e-mail;
  • the contact phone number to discuss the text of the article.

This information should be presented in Russian and English languages.

7. The format A4, font Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5. Margins: left — 3 cm; right, top and bottom — 2 cm. Volume of the article should not exceed 24 000 characters (with spaces) or 12 pages.

8. Graphics and drawings made in the format .jpg, .tif (300 dpi) should be placed in the text and be submitted as individual files with the names ‘Figure1’, ‘risunok’ and so on, the number of pictures is not more than 8. Charts, graphs and charts, it is desirable to make in vector format .eps or .ai. Photo of authors: shoulder portrait in the resolution of 300 dpi at the size 35×45 mm.

9. Formulas should be performed in MathType, the number of formulas is not more than 12.

10. Bibliographical lists should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5-2008 «Reference. General requirements and rules» (download sample registration lists).

In the text of the article (at the link or citation) to indicate in brackets the number of the source in the list.

11. Along with the printed text must provide an electronic version of the article: on electronic media or by e-mail: